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1. What will happen if I don't appear at my Initial Court Appearance?
2. Can I plead not guilty prior to my Initial Court Appearance?
3. What if I need an extension to pay my forfeiture owed to the Waunakee Municipal Court?
4. How can I get into contact with the Village Attorney?
5. What if I need an extension to complete a court ordered alcohol or drug assessment, community service hours, or Alive @ 25 Program?
6. I received a letter stating that my citation(s) have been turned over to a collection agency, what do I do now?
7. I received a letter from the Department of Motor Vehicles stating my driver's license is suspended for 1-year for failure to pay a forfeiture, what do I need to do to get my license back?
8. I received a Summons to appear in Court, if I pay prior to the Court Appearance, do I still need to appear in Court?