What can a Case Manager help me with?
A Case Manager’s primary objective is to advocate for seniors. The program provides the services, opportunities, and resources seniors require to remain independent. As advocates we develop a professional relationship that promotes autonomy. We are able to assess needs and provide support that allows seniors to remain safely in their homes for as long as possible. Case management services include the following:
  • Caregiver services and respite care

  • Connection to wellness programs

  • Contact made through home visiting

  • Federal and county programs

  • Financial management

  • Home delivered meals

  • Senior housing options

  • Supportive home chore

  • Transportation service

Waunakee Senior Center has two case managers available to help you with your needs. If you would like to speak to a case manager, please contact us at (608) 849-8385 and request an appointment with the case manager assigned to your service area.

  • Candice Duffek serves those that live within the Village of Waunakee.

  • Melissa Woznick serves those that live in the Town of Westport, the Town of Springfield, the Village of Dane, the Town of Dane, and the Town of Vienna.

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