Does the Waunakee Senior Center serve meals?

The Waunakee Senior Center is a Dane County nutrition site. Meals are served Monday through Friday at 11:30 AM at the Senior Center, and meals on wheels are delivered Monday through Friday.

Qualified seniors 60 years of age or older may be eligible to receive a home delivered meal. The suggested donation for a meal is $4.50. Please make a donation at the level you can afford.

A reservation must be made by 1:00 PM the day before to eat at the meal site or to receive meals on wheels (Monday meals must be ordered by 1:00 PM on the Friday before). Cancellations should also be made the day before by 1:00 PM. Transportation to and from the Senior Center to attend meals is available.

Portions are ample and you are free to take home any of your meal that you do not eat, but you must provide your own containers. Call (608) 849-8385 to make a reservation and for more information.

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