MPO Virtual Roundtable & Survey on Transportation

The Village of Waunakee and Greater Madison Metropolitan Planning Organization hosted a virtual roundtable on June 30, 2021 for Waunakee employers to discuss experiences, concerns, and ideas regarding employee transportation needs. This event was a starting point in considering and evaluating potential transit solutions that may help Waunakee employers attract and retain employees. This discussion allowed Village and MPO staff consider next steps to help Waunakee businesses address employment transit needs. Following the discussion, a survey was sent to employers and a follow-up roundtable was held. You can view these recordings and survey results below.

June 30th MPO Virtual Roundtable for Employers

November 10th MPO Virtual Roundtable - Follow-Up

Employer Transportation Survey Results (MPO contact information found on last slide)

We encourage employees and employers to watch the presentation as it provides possible transportation solutions that you or your employees can take advantage of.  In addition, MPO staff provided information regarding the state of bus rapid transit (BRT) in the Madison Metro area.  This is a first step in working with the MPO to assist Waunakee employers in finding transportation solutions for attracting and retaining employees.