Committees and Commissions

The mission of each committee, commission, or board is to support the Village Board in managing the affairs of the Village and meeting the needs of its more than 15,000 residents.

A number of municipal boards and commissions are defined under state law. Some are mandatory while others are optional. Optional boards and commissions, like committees, may be created at the discretion of the Village Board. Boards and commissions are typically established to supervise and manage special municipal activities and report to the Village Board.

Committees are appointed by the village president as advisable by resolution from the Village Board. Committees may conduct investigations, make detailed studies of pending proposals, keep in close contact with the work of the various municipal departments and officers, and otherwise perform detailed work that supports the objectives of the Village Board.

Ad Hoc Committees

Ad hoc committees are temporary committees appointed by the village president to deal with specific current issues facing the village. Ad hoc committees can be dissolved at any time by action of the Village Board.