Taxes, Incentives, and Assistance Programs

State Incentives

The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) offers a variety of flexible and effective business assistance programs, including:

  • Business development loans and tax credits
  • Industrial revenue bonding
  • Workforce training grants
  • Brownfields assessment and redevelopment grants

Plus, agribusiness and manufacturing companies can take advantage of the Manufacturing and Agriculture Tax Credit (MAC), which virtually exempts companies in these industries from state income tax.

Local Tax Incremental Financing

The Village of Waunakee makes use of provisions in Wisconsin law to create Tax Incremental Financing (TIF) districts. The Village uses the funds raised by these districts to provide infrastructure in its corporate parks and to support other development projects. This helps make shovel-ready sites available for business. Waunakee currently has eight active TIF districts.

Wisconsin State Taxes

Type of Tax Percentage
Corporate Tax 7.9%
Personal Income Tax 4.6-7.75%
Sales Tax 5.5%