Education and Training

High School Graduates: 98.3 percent

4-Year College Degrees: 52.4 percent, almost 45 percent higher than the state average

Masters or Professional Degree, 6.6 percent - nearly 2.5X the state average

(Sperling's Best Places)

Waunakee Community School District - The Waunakee Community School District is continually growing and serves over 4,300 students ranging from four-year old kindergarten through high school. Our students are amazing people whose talents shine every year in the classroom, on the stage, and in the vast arena of co-curricular opportunities. We hold high standards for achievement and are supported by a community that values education and the young people that we work with each day. The District has been a leader in the region and the State for student achievement, and our students have shined on the highest level in all activities.

The Vision for the Waunakee Community School District is to be a collaborative learning community that works with students, staff, families, and the community to ensure that every student is ready for college and career; through a focus on data, research based best practices, and engagement with students to be active partners in their learning. We take this vision very seriously and utilize it as a primary guide to our strategic planning and meeting the needs of our students.

The University of Wisconsin - Madison, one of the leading public research universities in the world, is consistently ranked among the top five universities for research and development. More than 2,000 researchers housed in more than 200 research centers on campus have promoted the launch of more than 300 new businesses and 25,000 new jobs statewide.

Madison College is the largest school in the Wisconsin Technical College system, with an enrollment of more than 32,000 students in 10 campuses in the region. It offers diplomas, certificates, and internship programs in more than 170 subjects, including agriculture, manufacturing technology, information technology, bioscience, welding, metal fabrication, and various business management skills, to name but a few.

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