High Technology & Research and Development

Waunakee, Wisconsin is an excellent location for growing or starting a high-tech or R&D focused business:

  • Waunakee has some of the highest educational attainment rates in the country:
    • High School Graduates: 98.3 percent
    • 4-Year College Degrees: 52.4 percent, almost 45 percent higher than the state average
    • Masters or Professional Degree, 6.6 percent - nearly 2.5X the state average

Source (Sperling's Best Places)

  • Waunakee is only 10 miles away from The University of Wisconsin - Madison, one of the leading public research universities in the world. UW-Madison is consistently ranked among the top five universities for research and development.

As a result, Waunakee has and above-average concentration of life, physical and social scientists. Wages for these professions are highly competitive with average wages in the state and nation.

Occupation Employment Mean Hourly Wage Wisconsin United States
Computer Systems Analysts 4,260 $39.03 $37.47 $45.01
Software Developers, Applications 7,650 $41.39 $40.62 $51.96
Medical Scientists, Except Epidemiologists 970 $31.11 $31.35 $46.36
Chemists 650 $31.94 $33.56 $40.31
(Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)