Goats on Main - 2015

Waunakee's Goats On Main Update

  • Imagination Celebration | June 15-18 2015


The Village of Waunakee, in partnership with Endres Manufacturing, is celebrating the community’s 3rd annual Imagination Celebration with a public art kickoff. 2015 is the Chinese Year of the Goat, and as such Endres would like to showcase the talent and creativity that lives in Waunakee by celebrating their long-term mascot.

The company provided 10 steel cutouts of goat silhouettes for Waunakee artists to creatively enhance in any way. A $100 stipend was also provided to assist artists in this process. The finished goats will be revealed on Monday, June 15 as part of a lead-up to Waunakee’s Imagination Celebration event held Thursday, June 18.

Steely Dan_thumb_thumb.jpg


  • Create a sense of place and artistic identity within Waunakee and surrounding regions
  • Strengthen the relationship between Waunakee businesses and citizens through art and creativity
  • Promote and grow the 3rd annual Imagination Celebration

Where Are They Now?

The Goats on Main Selection Committee met and reviewed the proposals that were submitted for this project. The committee was impressed at the number and quality of submissions they received, a testament to the creativity and engagement of Waunakee. After a long discussion and a few debates, the 10 finalists were selected. The names of the artists and details of their proposals are listed below. 

Goats On Main Selected Artists

  • Allyson Craft
  • Don Esser
  • Alec Helmke, Waunakee Neighborhood Connection
  • Carly McGowan
  • Lis Pelton
  • Heidi Bechler and Liese Pfeifer
  • Kayla Proctor, Waunakee High School
  • Don Spencer
  • Susan Trudell, Waunakee Senior Center painting group
  • Abby Wilson

What's Next?

The goats were available for pick up starting May 1, and will remain in the hands of the selected artists until June 1. Once finished goats are returned. they will receive a label detailing the artist’s name, artwork title, media used, and Endres Foundation information. On June 15, the goats will be revealed along Main Street in Waunakee. For security purposes goats will be chained to the lightposts, and artists had to include weatherproofing efforts in their designs.

How Can You Get Involved?

On the evening of Monday, June 15, the artists will each be present at their goats, spread along Main Street, to meet with the public and talk about their work. This artist meet-and-greet gives the audience a chance to ask questions about technique, materials used, subject matter, and more. Come out to Main Street to get an up close look at Waunakee’s 1st ever public art project, and kick off the Week of Creativity and the 3rd ever Imagination Celebration!