WYBS Schedules

2020 Waunakee Little League Schedules will be posted as they become available.  

T - Ball Tuesday
T - Ball Thursday

Kindergarten - Coach Pitch Baseball
1st Grade - Coach Pitch Baseball
2nd Grade -  Rookie League Baseball
3rd Grade -  Minor League Baseball
4th Grade -   Major League Baseball
5th Grade -  Major League Baseball
6th Grade - Junior League
7th Grade  -Teener League 
8th Grade - Teener League

Kindergarten and 1st Grade - Coach Pitch Softball
2nd Grade - Rookie League Softball
3rd and 4th Grade - Minor League Softball
U10 Developmental League Softball
5th and 6th Grade - Major League Softball
U12 Developmental League Softball
7th and 8th Grade - Junior League Softball 
U14 Developmental League Softball