Sidewalk Repairs

In an attempt to ensure that sidewalks are reasonably safe for public travel, each year the Village engineering department administers a Sidewalk Safety Program. The Village Board has established the criteria used for determining unsafe or defective sidewalks and the Village staff inspects the public sidewalks within the Village right-of-way for defects or unsafe conditions based on the established criteria.

If your sidewalk was marked for repairs, you, as a property owner have a couple of options.  First, the Village will do the repairs as part of the Sidewalk Repair Project.  The Village shares the incurred cost of the Village-implemented repair with the homeowner.  Property owners will be assessed 50% of the incurred costs of the repairs and these costs will be collected using the special assessment process. The proposed cost of replacements will be determined after the inspection are complete and the construction contract has been awarded.  The final costs and assessments will be mailed to property owners after the work has been completed. 

Alternatively, property owners may elect to complete the repairs themselves; however, the repairs will need to be completed within 20 days of the notification.  Please be advised that you are strongly encouraged to hire a qualified concrete contractor (as determined by the Village), and the work must be completed in accordance with the Village Standard Specifications.   Also, you or your contractor are required to first obtain a Street Opening Permit for the repairs, and if the repairs are not done properly they will be completed by the Village, and assessed to you as discussed above.  Please note that property owners will NOT be reimbursed for any cost of repairs completed on your own. 

We appreciate your cooperation and if you have any questions or concerns, please contact Aaron Jahncke, Village Engineer at (608) 849-6469 or by email at