Comprehensive Planning

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2017 Waunakee/Westport Joint Comprehensive Plan

In 2016 the Village of Waunakee and Town of Westport engaged MSA Professional Services, Inc. to assist in consolidating and updating their Comprehensive Plans, Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plans (CORPs) and Bike and Pedestrian Plan. To guide logistics and outreach for both joint plans, the Village and Town created a joint Steering Committee. The Steering Committee consisted of key Village and Town staff, board and committee members. They met six times throughout the planning process. The Town and Village chose to utilize the Joint Planning Commission (JPC) to guide the development of the Comprehensive Plan, complemented by check-ins with each of their individual Planning Commissions. The JPC met seven times during the planning process. All meetings of the Village and Town Planning Commissions and the Joint Planning Commission were public meetings. Public Information Meetings were facilitated by the consultant team in April and November 2016. The Public Hearing was held in January 2017.

WW Comp Plan Cover Page

2017 Waunakee/Westport Joint Comprehensive Plan

WW CORP Cover Page

Waunakee/Westport Comprehensive Bicycle, Pedestrian and Outdoor Recreation Plan