Barns on Main

Waunakee's 2nd Annual Public Art Project



The Village of Waunakee, in partnership with Endres Manufacturing and the Chamber of Commerce, is happy to announce the second annual Waunakee Public Art Project. Last year’s project, Goats on Main, was successful in developing a creative and innovative approach to the identity of Waunakee. The Village and its partners would like to build on this project and see it taken even further.

This year’s project is called Barns on Main, and will coincide with the capital campaign being run by Schumacher Farm to complete renovations on their historic barn property. Endres Manufacturing will again donate steel cutouts, this time in the shape of a barn with silo, as well as $100 stipends to each artist. The Chamber has also decided to generously donate an additional $100 stipend, which means each artist or artist team will receive $200 to complete this project. In addition, this year we are able to select 15 artists instead of 10 to complete a public art piece, and artists will have twice as long to work on their piece compared to last year.
Those interested in applying must currently live/work within the school district limits of Waunakee, or be a graduate of Waunakee Community School District. Full proposals are due by March 14. Details on how to apply are listed below.

Project Description:  

This temporary, outdoor public art installation will be on view in locations throughout downtown Waunakee from June 1, 2016 through September 16, 2016. They will be displayed longer this year due to their popularity last year. Artists will receive a steel barn and silo cutout, weighing approximately 50 pounds and measuring approximately 27” tall and 25” wide, sitting on a steel base. The artist is completely free to determine theme, materials, and general direction of the final product. Link to outline of barn:

Finished barns will be installed along Main St. in Waunakee for a period of 3.5 months. For security concerns, the barns will be again chained to light posts to prevent theft or damage. A plaque decal on the base will include artist information and credits, as well as Endres Manufacturing and the Chamber of Commerce. After the barns are removed from view they will be auctioned off to the community at Wauktoberfest. Proceeds will support projects that benefit the community through the Waunakee Creative Economy Initiative, the Schumacher Farm Capital Campaign, and the Endres Foundation.


  • Continue to develop a sense of place and artistic identity within Waunakee and surrounding regions
  • Build off of the success of last year’s project and make public art a point of interest for the Village
  • Strengthen the relationship between Waunakee businesses and citizens through art and creativity
  • Promote the new downtown area through commerce, partnerships, and increased foot traffic

Where are they now?

The Barns on Main Selection Committee met and reviewed the proposals that were submitted for this project. The committee was impressed at the number and quality of submissions they received, a testament to the creativity and engagement of Waunakee. After a long discussion and a few debates, the fifteen finalists were selected. The names of the artists are listed below:

Barns on Main Selected Artists:

  • Liz Pelton
    Carly McGowan and Pat McGowan
    Don Spencer
    Kayla Proctor
    Beth Crook
    Abby Wilson
    Don Esser
    Erin Moran and Steph Moran
    Lori Carlson and Claudia Carlson
    Jane Vaughan
    Liese Pfeifer
    Jeff Murphy, Jennifer Cuccia, and Leo Rotelli
    Daniel Skinner and Michaela Horning
    Jenna Gilmore
    Stephanie Agnew

What's next?

Artists picked up their blank barns last week, and were given their $200 stipend for the project. 
They have until the final week in May to complete the projects. Once finished barns are returned; they will receive a label detailing the artist’s name, artwork title, media used, and sponsor information. On June 1, the barns will be revealed at the Chamber of Commerce Depot, and then placed along Main Street in Waunakee. For security purposes barns will be chained to the lightposts, and artists had to include weatherproofing efforts in their designs.

How can you get involved?

On the evening of Wednesday, June 1 from 5-7pm, the artists will each be present with their barns to meet with the public and talk about their work. This artist meet-and-greet gives the audience a chance to ask questions about technique, materials used, subject matter, and more. Come out to the Chamber of Commerce Depot to get an up close look at Waunakee’s second annual public art project and see them before they get installed along Main Street!


March 25, 2016 – Deadline for applications is 5:00pm 
Week of April 1st – Selection Committee meets 
April 1, 2016 – Barns and stipends are picked up by artists from Endres Mfg. 
May 23, 2016 – Barns are due to Public Works garage 
June 1, 2016 – Barns to be placed on Main Street 
September 16th to 18th – WauktoberFest auction 

For more information, questions, or concerns, please contact Kristina Coopman of Arts Wisconsin at or 608-512-6520