Pickleball is a fun, social, easy to learn game that is a cross between badminton, table tennis and tennis. It's played on a small court , with large paddles and a whiffle-like ball. You don't need to be athletic or strong to play. Drop in and check out this world wide sport. No registration needed.

The Village Center has a limited amount of Pickleball Paddles available.
Please click here for current schedule and fees.

Pickleball Game

Indoor Pickleball League

This league is for experienced pickleball players and will be a mixed doubles format. Participants will play three games per day and switch partners after each game. Points will be kept individuals and accumulated throughout the season to determine standings. 

Match Schedule

Week 1 Standings 
Week 2 Standings
Week 3 Standings
Week 4 Standings
Week 5 Standings
Week 6 Standings
Week 7 Standings
Week 8 Standings
Week 9 Standings