Election Information

Partisan Primary

In the August Primary, each political party narrows down its candidates for the November ballot. For this election, you may vote for candidates in only one political party of your choice. Wisconsin has operated its fall primary elections in this manner since the early 1900s.

Your voter registration is not associated with a political party. The Clerk's Office does not know which party you choose. You vote on a secret ballot.

To mark your ballot:

  1.  Choose one party in the party preference section at the top of your ballot.
  2. Find that party's section on the ballot.
  3. Select the individual candidate of your choice within that party.

At their meeting on November 1, 2021, the Village Board officially adopted an updated ward map for voting purposes. This map reflects the results of the 2020 US Census. The Village of Waunakee now has two polling locations. 
Voters who previously voted in the Community Room at the Village Center (Wards 1-5) will now vote at the Waunakee Public Library.
Those who voted in the Gym at the Waunakee Village Center  (wards 6-12) will continue to vote at the Village Center. 


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Badger Books - Electronic Poll Books Replace Paper Poll Books

In 2017, Wisconsin Elections Commission staff developed an electronic poll book system to be used in polling places in Wisconsin on Election Day. The "Badger Book" is electronic poll book software that is specific to Wisconsin election practices and statutes. The Badger Book software was created with direct integration into the Wisconsin Voting System (WisVote). Badger Books do not use an internet connection and are as secure as paper pollbooks. The Badger Book has 3 primary uses:

  • Check in voters on election day
  • Register voters on Election Day. 
  • Process absentee ballot

Badger Books replace the current two-person, paper poll book system with a one-person tablet that replicates the poll book. This will also cut down on the time voters are at the polls as they are more efficient.  You will still be required to present photo ID and sign your name on the new electronic tablet. 

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