Utility Companies that Serve Waunakee

Whether your are a new resident to the Village of Waunakee or are a current resident, you may find this list of local utilities that service Waunakee helpful. Contact us for further information.




Waunakee Utilities

322 Moravian Valley Road
Waunakee, WI 53597

Phone: 608-849-8111
Fax: 608-849-4109

How do I report an outage?
To report outages anytime of the day or night, call 608-849-4111.

How do I sign up for new service?
If you are a new customer to Waunakee Utilities or if you are simply moving from one address to another and are a current customer, you need to fill out an Application for Service and stop in our office with photo identification.


7035 Raywood Road
Monona, WI 53713

Phone: 608-257-4285
Fax: 608-257-1179


What can I do with additional recycling that does not fit in my cart?
Additional recyclables that do not fit in the cart may be put in clear plastic bags and placed next to your recycling cart.

What can I do with additional trash that does not fit into the trash cart?
Trash tags will need to be purchased (5 tags for $15) from the Village Hall and affixed to each trash bag that does not fit into your trash cart. Place these tagged bags next to your trash cart for disposal.
Madison Gas and
Electric Company
133 South Blair Street
Madison, WI 53701

Phone: 608-252-7222
Phone: 608-252-1111
(24 Hour Emergency)
Diggers Hotline:


What are Time-of-Use rates?
Time-of-use (TOU) rates are based on the time of day you use electricity and MGE's cost of supplying electricity to you during that time. If you use electricity when the demand for electricity from all MGE customers is low-known as off-peak hours-your rate will be discounted. Electricity used during periods of high demand (known as on-peak hours) will cost more.

Why do utilities offer TOU rates?
TOU rates offer customers more control over their electricity costs. The rates encourage customers to use more of their electricity during lower cost times, thus helping to balance the electric load on our system. TOU customers pay more when its more expensive to MGE to buy or generate power to meet the needs of all customers.

Safety & Outages

TDS Telecom Phone: 1-888-225-5837
Repairs Phone: 1-877-837-8372
Fax: 1-877-271-2861

Why does TDS manage its network?
TDS manages its network to ensure high quality broadband Internet service to its customers and to protect its network from harm, compromised capacity, degradation in network performance or service levels, or uses of the service which may adversely impact access to, or use of, the service by its customers.

How can I test the performance of my High Speed Internet connection?
You may run a test of your broadband connection by visiting the Speed Test page.
Charter Spectrum Phone: 1-800-314-7195


How can I access my Charter bill online?
 Click here and follow the directions to view your Charter bill online.

What is the local Government Channel?
Channel 96 - Analog (Going Away March 11, 2014)
Channel 979 - Digital
Dish TV Phone: 1-888-552-5507

What local channels are available in my area?
Local channels are available in over 210 local network markets, which represents 100% of U.S. homes with televisions. Visit the Dish Local Channels page to see what local channels you'll receive.

Can service be installed using my existing cable jack outlets in my wall?
If your existing cable jack outlet is of sufficient quality, our installers may be able to provide DISH service through it.

Phone: 1-877-913-4766
How can I be sure I'm getting the best picture quality with my DirecTV system?
For the best connection on an HD Receiver, use the HDMI or component outputs. For the best connection on a standard definition receiver, use S-video. Composite (yellow) is a good quality connection, but not as good as S-video. You can also use RF/coax to your TV, but this signal is not as good as S-video or composite.

Does the signal go out in bad weather?
DirectTV delivers 99% worry-free signal reliability, based on a nationwide study of representative cities. Our state-of-the-art equipment is extremely reliable, day and night. On very rare occasions, severe weather conditions may interrupt a signal for a moment, but the clear and crisp picture you're used to always returns very quickly.
AT&T=New Service or Basic Questions

AT&T=Existing Service or Transferring Service 
 Phone: 1-844-294-9874 What is U-verse?
U-verse, unlike traditional cable, is delivered by an advanced network that includes fiber-optic technology.

What is U-verse Digital Phone?
U-verse Digital Home Phone from AT&T isn't your traditional landline phone, it's the future of talk. Every U-verse Digital Home Phone package comes loaded with advanced calling features, all for a convenient monthly price.
DSL  Phone: 1-877-932-9720 What is DSL Internet?
DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line. With a DSL connection, you get internet access when digital data is transmitted.

Is DSL service available in both rural areas as well as municipalities?
Some providers specialize in internet for rural areas, while others concentrate on offering internet in cities, towns and villages. DSL service is available in both.

Allconnect   Phone: 1-844-451-2720

What is Allconnect?

Allconnect partners with the nation’s largest and most popular internet providers. With Allconnect, you can search every internet service provider that serves your specific address, compare plans and pricing and schedule setup in a matter of minutes.



 Phone: 1-855-876-0948  Frontier Communications offers high-speed and fiber-optic internet.
HughesNet Phone: 1-866-347-3292

Are Macs and PC's compatible with HughesNet?
Windows and Macintosh operating systems are both compatible with HughesNet, although HughesNet has developed these minimum requirements: (1) Windows 2000 PE (including VISTA) or Mac OS 10.1 or higher (2) Network capability (10/100 Ethernet pre-equipped).

What kind of download and upload speeds can I expect with HughesNet service?
There are multiple factors that determine upload and download speeds, including how your computer is configured, the website speeds, and the number of people accessing the network at the same time. Stated speeds and uninterrupted use of service are not guaranteed. If you use the internet during the peak hours of the day, you will likely find slower upload and download speeds.