Help Spread the Word

What does it mean for something to "go viral"? tells us going viral means "to spread rapidly via the Internet, email, or other media: Example - News of Waunakee's Imagination Celebration went viral within minutes, and now almost everyone in the Village knows about it." When we launch the next Imagination Celebration, here are ways you can help us spread the word across the entire community.

Email Our Message

Once details for our next Imagination Celebration are finalized, we'll post an e-mail message here that you can send to all of your contacts in Waunakee. Stay tuned!

Facebook Page

Like our Facebook Page Creativity Works for Waunakee, and make sure to share with your friends by clicking the link that says "Share." Once we create a Facebook Event for the next Imagination Celebration, don't forget to tell us you're coming!

Other Ways to Spread the Word

Do you have any other creative ways to promote the Imagination Celebration? If so, go for it! And stay tuned to this page for more new and exciting ways to get Waunakee talking about the next event.