Property Taxes

The Village of Waunakee collects taxes for five taxing jurisdictions; the State of Wisconsin, Dane County, Waunakee School District, MATC, and the Village of Waunakee.

Real estate tax payments are made at Village Hall through January 31st. Real estate property taxes are payable in full by January 31st, or the first installment as shown on your tax bill by January 31st. The remaining balance or second installment is paid to the Dane County Treasurer by July 31st. All real estate property tax payments made after January 31st must go to the office of the Dane County Treasurer.

Personal property taxes are taxes on non-real estate business property. All personal property tax payments are made at Village Hall. Personal property taxes are due in full by January 31st. Late fees of 1.5% per month will be assessed on all personal property taxes paid after January 31st.

For information on property taxes such as the D.O.R. Tax Payment Options and Property Assessment please (click here) or contact the Finance Department at 850-8500.