Refuse & Recycling

Garbage and waste needs to be disposed of.

To protect the environment and the health and safety of the community.

Recycling is mandatory under village, state, and county law. Owners of businesses and multi-family dwellings in Waunakee are required by Village law to provide separate containers for the collection of recyclables and regular collection of those materials. Apartment owners must also provide educational information for their tenants.

The Village provides collection of refuse and recyclables from single family homes, duplexes, and three or four unit buildings. Because the Village does not collect refuse and recyclables from businesses and larger multi-family dwellings, owners must contract privately for waste disposal and recycling service.

The Village contracts with a private waste hauler for refuse and recycling collection for all single-family homes. Collection is paid through a special charge on your utility bill.

Recycling is mandatory for all homes in the Village. Receptacles and containers for refuse and rubbish shall be placed in collection locations prior to 7 a.m. of the scheduled collection day, but not more than 12 hours prior to such time. All receptacles and containers shall be removed from the curbside collection point within 12 hours after the regular collection time. If the scheduled collection day falls on a holiday, collection will be on the following scheduled working day.

The Village Contracts with Pellitteri Waste Systems for recycling and refuse pick up. They can be contacted at 608-257-4285 or through their website (click here).

Please contact the Public Works Department at 849-5892.