Sign Permit


Property or business owner wishes to install new signs, change signs, or add to the sign for your business or property.


To provide standards to safeguard life, health and property, eliminate hazards to motorists and pedestrians, to enhance the appearance of the Village.


Prior to ordering, purchasing, or installing any sign, you should discuss your sign proposal with the Building Inspector (849-5613). The Building Inspector will explain sign ordinance restrictions and requirements.

Submit a sign permit application to Village staff with a scale drawing of the proposed sign indicating dimension, color and wording, plus a site plan/map indicating where the sign is located, and surrounding buildings and setbacks. Also include a light plan.

Staff will review the submitted material, and if the proposed sign meets the code requirements, staff will calculate permit fees and issue the sign permit. Usually, this process is completed administratively. If, however the Village Engineer deems it necessary, he/she may forward any application to the Plan Commission for approval.

Once the proposal is approved and fees are paid, submitter may proceed to install the sign(s).


Please contact the Planning/Zoning Department at 849-5712.