Special Districts (Planned Development Districts)


Landowner wishes to propose an innovative and environmentally sound development that is within the confines of the Land Use Plan, but is not addressed within the normal regulatory framework.


If you are interested in establishing a Planned Unit Development District, it is encouraged to discuss these plans with the Planning/Zoning staff (849-5712) before beginning the process. Staff will provide you with specific guidelines and assistance in preparing your request.

The Planning/Zoning staff will suggest an initial discussion and review of your proposal win the Plan Commission, the outcome of which is not binding.

The procedure for rezoning a Planned Unite Development District shall be the same as required for any other district change, but will require submission of additional information including a "general development plan" (GDP) (Ordinance Sec. 133-892). Details on what needs to be included in these plans are provided in the zoning ordinance.

After review of your proposal by the Plan Commission, you may choose to submit your rezoning application, general development plan, and applicable fee to the Planning/Zoning Department.

Staff will schedule the public hearing, which will be for the purpose of obtaining input on both the rezoning request and the general development plan. The Plan Commission holds the public hearing after which they will make a recommendation to the Village Board. The Board makes the final decision on the request.

If the request is approved and the appropriate ordinance is passes, the property will be designated PUD (Planned Unit Development). The Village files the zoning designation with the Dane County Register of Deeds (266-4141) and the applicant is responsible for paying the recording fee.

Following this initial approval, you may then submit a specific implementation plan, (SIP) which Planning/Zoning staff will review and make a report with recommendations to the Plan Commission. The Plan Commission reviews all submitted materials and makes a recommendation to the Village Board. The Board again makes the final decision regarding this phase of the PUD process.

If the Village Board grants approval to the specific implementation plan, the Village will file this designation at the Dane County Register of Deeds and the submitter will pay the filing fees. Submitter may proceed by obtaining building permits and any other required approvals.


Please contact the Planning/Zoning Department at 849-5712 for questions and clarification on the process.