Conditional Use Permit Process


A conditional use is a use of a property that is not permitted outright in a zoning district, but would be allowed if certain standards are met.


To assure neighbors that the use of adjacent properties will be compatible with property use established by the neighborhood.


Please call or meet with Planning/Zoning staff (849-5712) prior to submitting an application for a conditional use permit.

To file your application with the Planning/Zoning Department; the following items are required:

  • Application form
  • Filing fee
  • Plans for your project, ie. site plan showing vehicular access points, location of existing and proposed structures, and parking areas.

Depending on the complexity and issues along with the request, the following items may be required:

  • Building plans and elevations
  • Landscape plan
  • Specific planning, engineering, or transportation information as requested

After all submissions have been made and fees paid, the Planning/Zoning staff will schedule a public hearing and publish the official notice of the hearing in the Waunakee Tribune. Staff will mail notices of the public hearing to property owners within 200 feet and to other parties of interest. Staff also sends a copy of the request to various Village Departments for review and comment. Staff submits a report and recommendations to the Plan Commission prior to the public hearing.

At the public hearing the submitter will present their request in front of the Plan Commission and members of the public. Members of the public may state their support, opposition, or concerns about the proposed project. The Plan Commission considers the comments of the reviewing Village Departments, recommendations of Planning/Zoning staff, and presented information. The Commission also takes into account the need for the proposed use at location identified.

Following a public hearing, the Plan Commission determines if the conditional use standards can be met and then grants or denies the request. The Commission will likely attach certain conditions or restrictions to the conditional use to further ensure its compatibility with the neighborhood and Village requirements. Once the conditional use is approved and no appeal of the decision is forthcoming, the applicant may proceed by obtaining any required permits or approvals. Failure to act on the approved conditional use permit within one year from the date of approval renders the approval null and void.


Please contact the Planning/Zoning Department at 849-5712 for more explanation on the process/clarification.