Architectural & Design Review (Plan Commission)


Constructing a new commercial/industrial building, multi-family dwelling or when making site improvements. Having the Plan Commission review plans is a requirement when making changes to the exterior of an existing commercial/industrial or multi-family building.


To make sure that construction meets the Village & Developers standards for appearance and will not be contrary to the neighborhood.


Start the process by discussing your site and building plans with the Building Inspection Department (849-5613), Fire Department (849-5488), and the Planning/Zoning Department (849-5712) before you submit plans for architectural and design review approval.

A completed Site Plan Application form must be submitted to the Planning/Zoning Department at least 28 days prior to a regular Plan Commission meeting, which you may be in attendance for. The Commission meets monthly on the 4th Monday. (Click here for schedule) Planning/Zoning staff will review the submitted materials, write a staff report and make recommendations to the Plan Commission for approval of the process.

The Plan Commission will review submitted materials at a regularly scheduled meeting and may decide to approve the plans as submitted, approve with conditions or modifications, or deny approval of the plans.

When the Plan Commission grants architectural and design review approval, with or without conditions or modifications and no appeal is forthcoming, the applicant may proceed by obtaining other necessary approvals from the Village which may include the following: building permit, zoning permit, fire department approval, erosion control, street opening, and or any other permits pertaining to the approved project.

Appeal Process:

Any action of the Plan Commission regarding architectural and design review approval may be appealed to the Board of Appeals by either the applicant or other aggravated person(s).


Please contact the Building Inspection Department at 849-5613 or the Planning/Zoning Department at 849-5712.