Winter Rules and Ordinances

The Village of Waunakee, like most of Wisconsin, can experience high levels of snowfall each winter season. When snow events do occur, the responsibility to clear public streets and sidewalks is that of the Streets and Parks Divisions of Waunakee’s Public Works Department. The sole purpose of all Village plowing efforts is to maintain safe travel by pedestrians and vehicles throughout Waunakee.

Waunakee averages a cumulative snowfall of 43 inches per year (The national average is 25 inches). Plowing all of Waunakee means clearing snow from:
  • 110 lane miles of roadway
  • 62 cul-de-sacs
  • 12 miles of sidewalks, and
  • All municipal parking areas and walkways

Several factors can also influence the number of operators available and the speed at which roadways and sidewalks can be cleared. These factors include:

  • The time the snow began
  • Duration of snowfall
  • Type of snow - light/dry or wet/heavy
  • Temperature before and after snowfall
  • High winds - drifting
  • Snow accumulation
  • Available equipment - breakdowns
  • Available staff

The Village of Waunakee would like to remind all residents of the following Winter Rules and Regulations as found below:

Alternate Parking
Snow in Streets
Fire Hydrants
Snow on Sidewalks
Trash Containers
Mailbox Policy
Snowmobile Trails
Holiday Tree Pick Up
Recreational Equipment