D.O.R. Lottery Credit

What is the Lottery Credit?

The lottery credit program is a tax credit program administered by the Department of Revenue. The lottery and gaming credit provides over $100 million in direct property tax relief to homeowners as a credit on their property tax bills.

Who can receive it


Wisconsin Residents that:

  • Own a home in Wisconsin.
  • Use that home as their primary residence as of January 1 of the year of the tax bill.
  • Properly apply for the credit.

Is the Lottery Credit amount the same for all Wisconsin Residents?

The amount of the credit is the same for all residents within the boundaries of a particular school district. However, the amount of this credit is determined by the Department of Revenue and can vary from school district to school district.

Is the Lottery Credit amount the same every year?
No. The amount of the credit is re-assessed each year.

How much is the Lottery Credit this year?
For Waunakee homeowners, the amount of the credit for the 2022 tax bill, is $270.24

How do I receive the Lottery Credit on my tax bill?
You can apply to receive the lottery credit in 1 of 2 ways:

  • Verify that your title company filled out the "Real Estate Transfer Form: properly, checking the box that signals your new home as your primary residence. If this box was properly checked, you will be registered for the lottery credit program.
  • If the Real Estate Transfer Form was not properly completed, residents can complete an application for credit.**

**To obtain timely lottery credit forms to fill out, please contact the Village Hall prior to January 31 and a form can be provided. If you do not meet this deadline, please visit the Department of Revenue website to obtain the late lottery credit form.

Will the Village of Waunakee notify me if I am eligible for the credit?
Because this is a State of Wisconsin, Department of Revenue program, the municipality is not responsible for notifying qualifying homeowners of these programs.

Who should I contact if I have more questions regarding the Lottery Credit?

If you have any questions regarding the program, please contact the Department of Revenue. The contact information is below:

Wisconsin Department Of Revenue

Local Government Services Section

P.O. Box 8971, MS 6-97

Madison , WI 53708-8971

Fax: 608-264-6887

Are there any other credit programs available?
The back of the tax bill notifies you of the potential credits that you may qualify for and investigating these will help you determine where to go to get more information on the potential programs available to homeowners.


 D.O.R. Lottery Credit FAQs