Reserve a Park Shelter & Park Policies

Park Reservations

Are you planning a family reunion, office picnic, birthday party, or a special event? The shelters located in the Waunakee parks are available to be reserved for your private party. We rent shelters May 1 to September 30.

The first day you are able to reserve a park shelter for 2023 is:

Wednesday - February 1, 2023

5:30 a.m.

No In Person Reservations - Phone In ONLY 608-850-5992

When making your shelter reservation via phone you will be required to pay 
 for it in full with a credit card.
Your reservation permit and receipt will be emailed to you. 
 If you do not have access to a computer, paper copies can be mailed to you.

Please note that if we are unavailable to take your call leave your name and a good contact 
 number. We will call you back in order of messages received.

Rentals can be reserved during our regular business hours. Please call us at 608-850-5992. You cannot reserve park shelters online. Please note, you can check availability of a shelter below, but to confirm a date is available it is best to contact the Welcome Desk at 608-850-5992.

Rentable Shelters

  • Centennial Park / North Shelter - 901 S. Holiday Drive
  • Hanover Park  - 1204 Hanover Trail
  • Kilkenny Farms Park * - 1201 Water Wheel Drive
  • Laubmeier Park - 115 S Prairie View Drive
  • Meadowbrook Park - 900 Kopp Road
  • North Ridge Park - 313 North Ridge Drive
  • Peaceful Valley Park* - 2111 Peaceful Valley Parkway
  • Ripp Park / South Shelter - 213 Dorn Drive
  • Savannah Park - 1202 Arboretum Drive
  • Tierney Park* - 1413 Tierney Drive
  • Village Park / Gazebo - 301 S. Division Street
  • Village Park / Shelter - 500 E. Main Street
  • Westbridge Park* - 1010 Kopp Road

    * Shelters have a concession area available to rent for an additional fee.

Reservation Fees/Regulations

Fees vary depending upon your residency. Wisconsin sales tax will be added to all fees.

  • No refunds will be be made for cancellations within 30 days of event. Cancellations prior
    to 30 days will incur a fee of 25% of cost.
  • No refunds will be made for cancellations due to inclement weather.
  • All areas must be cleaned by user after an event has taken place or the actual maintenance cost will be billed to the permit holder/renter.
  • All tables must remain in the shelters.
  • Reservations that will incorporate music, amplifiers, carnivals, etc., must have approval by the Park and Recreation Committee.
  • Any request for waiving the rental fee charge must be approved by the Park and Recreation Committee.

Park Shelter Restrooms

Each year, Village park restrooms open for public use on May 1 and close on October 1. Rather than choosing different opening and closing dates year after year, which would result in park users being caught unaware, the Village of Waunakee Park Committee agreed several years ago to pick a standard date, advertise it, and make sure all user groups are informed ahead of time. 

  • Currently, the Village has fourteen shelters that are opened and closed seasonally.
  • Weather in Wisconsin is fickle. Some years it is warm into October, but other years, we could be experiencing hard freezes at night. All of this could change, literally, overnight. Repairs to frozen facilities can (and have) cost hundreds of dollars to repair.
  • User groups (i.e. soccer, football, baseball, etc.) have all been provided information on this policy and are encouraged to make alternate arrangements for their teams if they feel it is a priority.


Contact Information

To make a shelter reservation, please contact the Welcome Desk by calling  608-850-5992. Reservations cannot be made online.