Friends of the Parks

Let’s Be ‘Friends’! 

  • Do you value your local park or green space?
  • Do you want to see improvements there, and more people using it?
  • Do you think it should be looked after properly?
  • If so, why not get together with other users to form a local ‘Friends of…’ group!

How You Can Get Started

  • Get a small group of interested people together.
  • Call a public meeting to discuss your local park and what you’d like to achieve together - distribute publicity leaflets to local homes and to users in the park (with a tear off slip).
  • Kick things off straight away with positive activities you can all do together.
  • Build up your membership, and set up an email list to share news and views.


  • Involve the views of all the various types of users.
  • Be positive and determined.
  • You are an independent group, but be prepared to work with the Village Staff, Park and Recreation Committee, local schools, and other community groups to achieve your aims.
  • You are not alone!

Some Of the Things You Could Do as a Group Of Friends 

  • Meet up regularly to discuss your views and ideas about the park.
  • Lobby the Village Board for support of projects and improvements.
  • Set up a website/Facebook page about your park and the Friends activities.
  • Organize events such as: bulb and tree planting, clean-up days, picnics, health and nature walks and Maybe a summer neighborhood festival.
  • Apply for grants for some of the things above.

Our Communities

Just as our parks need ‘Friends’, so our neighborhoods need residents’ groups and associations! Its all about taking ‘ownership’ of our lives, our local facilities and our areas, and working together to improve where we live. Together we are stronger.

Become a Friend of the Parks

Do you love the parks, conservancies and trails in Waunakee? If so, consider joining the Friends of the Parks! The Friends group will help our parks by pulling weeds or invasive species, collecting prairie seeds, planting trees, and many other activities throughout the park system. You don’t have to be an expert naturalist to join; you’ll be able to learn about native and invasive species as you volunteer. For more information or to get involved, please contact this email who works at the Village Center at 608-850-5992 or speak to any of the Park and Recreation Committee members.

The Friends are looking for help with these upcoming programs: