Waunakee Youth Tennis Open
July 29-30, 2022

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This local tournament is perfect for the seasoned player and first-time tournament participant alike. Singles and doubles play is offered for boys and girls in age groups including 12 & Under, 15 & Under, 18 & Under (JV) and 18 & Under (Varsity). Singles play is $25 and doubles is $50/team. Souvenir for all participants and trophies to the Division Champions. Entries must be received by Sunday, July 24, 2022. Contact Chris Nuenthel (608) 289-6640 or Courtney Morehart (608) 850-5992 for more information.

2022 Draws: TBD
B18 Under Singles - Varsity
B18 Under Doubles - Varsity
B18 Under Singles - JV
B18 Under Doubles - JV
B15 Under Singles
B15 Under Doubles
B12 Under Singles
B12 Under Doubles
G18 Under Singles - Varsity
G18 Under Doubles - Varsity
G18 Under Singles - JV
G18 Under Doubles - JV
G15 Under Singles
G15 Under Doubles
G12 Under Singles
G12 Under Doubles


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