Village of Waunakee

The Village of Waunakee Interactive zoning map is available for viewing online.

To see zoning information:

To see zoning information check the zoning box on the left hand side of the map. To find the zoning of a specific parcel turn on the Toolbar toolbar in the upper right hand corner of the map and chose the Address Toolbutton. Type in your address and choose search. The map will then zoom in to the selected parcel.

To find lot dimensions:

Dane County no longer provides a lot dimension layer. In order to find the lot line dimensions, you will need to use the measuring tool provided in the toolbar. 

Town of Westport

The Town of Westport's zoning map is also available to view online. If you have zoning questions for the Town please contact Bob Anderson at (608) 849-4372.

Subdivision Plat Maps

Copies of plat maps for all of the subdivisions in the Village are available for viewing at Village Hall located at:
500 W Main Street
Waunakee, WI 53597

If you would like copies of a plat, the charge is $0.25 per copy.