Preparing for Court

Court Procedures
This may be your first appearance in Court and since most people are concerned and unfamiliar about appearing in Court, we would like to set out a few procedures, and assure that you understand your rights and responsibilities.

The Court has jurisdiction of traffic and non-traffic ordinances in this Municipality. You have a right to be represented by an Attorney, or you may go ahead without one. If you want an Attorney, you must retain one at your own expense. The Court will not provide you with an Attorney.

Please remember that you are in a Court of Law. While the proceedings are, at times, somewhat informal, respect and proper decorum will be expected at all times. While you are waiting for your case to be called, please remain quiet and avoid behavior, which might be disruptive and prejudice to another person’s case. Please remove all caps and covers and there is no eating, drinking, or smoking allowed in the courtroom. Please turn off all electronic devices such as, cell phones, I-Pods, computers, etc.

All non-Juvenile Court proceedings will be video recorded to be re-played on our local cable channel. And all Indigency/Good Cause Hearings as well as Trials will be audio recorded for Court purposes only.

When your case is called, you must come forward promptly and stand at the podium in front of the Judge. The Court will advise you of the nature of the charge and of the consequences of your plea, i.e. traffic demerit points, driver's license suspensions, forfeiture amounts, etc. If you do not understand, ask the Court to explain it to you again. It will be necessary for you to answer the charge by making a formal plea of No Contest, Guilty, or Not Guilty. You will be given an opportunity to make a brief statement with regards to the charge that has been brought against you. Then the Judge will render his judgment accordingly.