Stormwater / Erosion Control

This applies to any land developing or disturbing activity that:

(A) Results in the cumulative addition of 20,000 square feet of impervious surface to the site;

(B) Any development that requires a subdivision plat, as defined in Chapter 86 of the Waunakee Code of Ordinances;

(C) Any development that requires a certified survey map, as defined in Chapter 86 of Waunakee of Ordinances, for other than residential development;

(D) Redevelopment, as defined in 18-363(37), shall meet the following stormwater management performance standards: I 8-365(2)(a)(ii), (I 8- 365(2)(f), I 8-365(1)(h), 1 8-365(l)(i), I 8-365(2)(g); or

(E) Land development activity of any size including but not limited to redevelopment or alteration of existing buildings and other structures that, in the opinion of the director of public works is likely to significantly increase downstream runoff volumes, flooding, soil erosion, water pollution or property damage, or significantly impact a lake, stream, or wetland area. All such determinations shall be made in writing unless waived by the applicant.

Stormwater Management and Erosion Control Permit Application