Request / Inspection

The Chief and Lieutenant are the records custodians for the department. Record requests can be made Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m., excluding holidays. As soon as practical, the Chief or Lieutenant will either complete the request or notify the requestor of a denial. There are various reasons record request may be denied under state statutes 19.32 and 19.85.

Record requests can be made via email. However, due to vacation/training ext. the email request may not be reviewed within 10 business days.

Accident Reports

To purchase a copy of your accident report click here.


There may be a cost incurred with fulfilling your request. Copies of documents are $0.25 per page. Further costs may be incurred if the request requires photographs, video tapes, printouts, etc.

Records requests can be made by phone at (608) 849-4523 or by emailing

Questions can be directed to Lieutenant Roger Bartels at 608-849-4523.