Street Trees

Forestry Permit
Forestry Permits are required for planting trees within the Village-owned Right-of-Way. The permit shall be completed by the property owner and there is no fee for the permit. To take out a forestry permit please follow these simple steps:
  • Forestry Permits can be found on the Village website or can be picked up at the Village Hall at 500 West Main Street.
  • Please complete the form and return it to the Village Hall for approval.
  • Please use the Planting Guide for Trees and Shrubs (included with the permit) to help determine where a tree can be placed within the Right-of-Way. Final planting locations will be subject to approval by the Village Forester. Be sure to follow the guidelines to help determine a safe location for your new tree(s).
  • Please use the list of Recommended and Prohibited Terrace Trees that we have provided. Trees that are on the prohibited list will not be approved. All tree species will be subject to approval by the Village Forester.
  • Prior to final approval, property owners shall contact Digger’s Hotline to mark any underground utilities in the area you are proposing to plant a tree. Digger’s Hotline can be reached by dialing 811, or for hearing impaired TDD at 800-542-2289, or
  • Once you have completed the above requirements, please call Village Hall at 608-850-8500 to schedule a final inspection and approval by the Village Forester.
  • Upon completion of the final inspection, you will be contacted on the status of your permit.
  • Once the final or conditional approval is issued, you may proceed with planting. Please be sure to follow the conditions and guidelines for planting that are stated in the permit.
  • Follow all nursery guidelines for watering and maintenance to help promote a healthy tree that will last for years to come.
  • A tree planting and maintenance guide is included for your use.
If you have any questions about the Forestry Permit please contact the Waunakee Village Hall at 608-850-8500.

Forestry Permit Application (PDF)

Tree Care Guide (PDF)