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Where to Register

Program registrations for Village Center and recreation programs take place at various times during the year. General program registration is accepted:
  • By Phone - Call us at 608-850-5992 during our business hours.
  • Online - With online registration, you'll receive immediate confirmation via email. The service is made possible through registration services from, a web registration company for sports and recreation. There is a nonrefundable processing fee, which covers's processing costs. This is the only fee associated with the service.
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  • Program Participant Form

    When enrolling online or over the phone you maybe told that you are to fill out a program participant form. Filling out this form gets all the information on you and your family in our system so the next time you or your family members enroll in programs, all the information is already there. Click on the program participant form (PDF) to download the application and after you have filled it out please drop it off at the Village Center Welcome Desk or email it to