Waunakee Property Data

Search Tools

Viewers have 4 different tools to choose from when searching for basic information about property in Waunakee.

  • AccessDane - Dane County’s website for geographic and land information, AccessDane provides property owner, value, identification number, tax history, and map data for all of Dane County.
  • Associated Appraisal Consultants Inc. - Waunakee contracts with a private company for assessment services. Associated Appraisal makes assessment data on village properties available on their website. Data on property ownership, value, parcel number, building characteristics, and land area is available.
  • Village Hall - If you have difficulty accessing either AccessDane or Associated Appraisal, you can visit the Village Hall and use our public access computer.
  • Village Zoning Map - If you are evaluating the purchase or improvement of a residential property, you may want to review the latest zoning map. On the zoning map, properties are identified by a specific zoning classification. Property is classified based on the desired, or best use as determined by the village. Reviewing the zoning map can help you better understand how future development around your property may impact you. You can also find this information in the Waunakee Comprehensive Plan.