Subdivisions Restrictive Covenants

Each subdivision in the Village of Waunakee has its own set of rules and guidelines established to guide landowners on property use and allowable structures. These guidelines are referred to as Restrictive Covenants. These Covenants are unique to each neighborhood and are enforced by a neighborhood association or HOA. The Village does not keep a registry of homeowners associations. In order to determine if your neighborhood has an active association, you can ask the developer, your real estate agent, or your neighbors. 

Restrictive covenants provide guidelines on a variety of topics or issues including building setbacks, fence restrictions, allowable outbuildings, etc. If you have a question regarding what you can or cannot do on your property within a subdivision the link below will take you to the Dane County Register of Deeds website. Once there, scroll down to the Neighborhood Search Program and type in the name of your subdivision.