Merchant Permits

The Village Clerk's office processes permit applications each year for transient merchants and food trucks. These vendors are required to obtain such a permit in order to conduct their business within the Village. In order to issue a permit, in addition to receiving the completed application and payment of the associated fee, the Clerk's office conducts a criminal background check on the vendor.

Transient merchants are required to have it readily available for production while conducting their business, similar to building permits needing to be visible on-site of a project. If you are ever unsure about a merchant's authorization to operate within the Village, you are encouraged to ask the merchant to display their permit.

Below is a table which shows which transient merchants and food trucks are approved to operate within the Village and for which dates. If you are approached by a merchant which is either not listed, or for a date outside of that listed below, you are encouraged to request that the merchant produce their permit.

  1. Transient Merchants
  2. Mobile Food Businesses
Transient Merchant Approved Dates
Aptive Environmental May 1-May 14, 2023
Softwash Solutions, LLC June 24-June 25, 2023 and July 14, 2023
Briggs Family Home Development July 11, July 20, July 24-July 28, 2023 and July 31-August 1, 2023
Everlight Solar September 18-26, 2023
Srb Trees (in Village Mall Parking Lot) November 20-December 25, 2023
Weed Man Lawn Care November 28-30, 2023
Weed Man Lawn Care January 19, 20, 22 and 23, 2024