No Mow May Initiative

Join the Village as a participant in No Mow May! Starting in May 2022, the Village will not enforce the length of lawns and grasses until June 1st. This means you can take a break from mowing your lawn to help the bees and pollinators survive!! This is a voluntary program that anyone in the Village can participate in.

Please keep in mind

  • This is not a mandate. It is completely voluntary.
  • Don't let your grass get too tall for your mower as it can be difficult to mow it on June 1st. 
  • The Village code grants an exception for the month of May. However, if you live in a neighborhood with a Home Owners Association (HOA) please remember to check with their regulations as they may continue to enforce grass height rules and regulations.
Green Illustrated Grass Landscape Flyer

Ordinance Amendment

"During the duration of the month of May each year, the Village shall suspend enforcement of Section 78-1 or any other section of the Village Code that regulates the length of the grass. The purpose of this exemption is to allow pollinator species to emerge and early flowering grasses to establish, which may result in groundcover exceeding established ordinance height restrictions and weed growth."

- Adopted unanimously on April 18, 2022