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Election Worker Application

  1. Place a check mark next to the position(s) you are most interested in holding on Election Day*
  2. Every effort is made to assign Election Workers to their desired jobs, however, this cannot be guaranteed and assignments are subject to change on an as needed basis. Please note that all positions will require attendance at an election training given by the Village Clerk.
  3. Please type your name as acknowledgement that you have read and completed this application truthfully and in it's entirety
  4. Hours
    Polls are open from 7:00am to 8:00pm. Election workers are required to arrive at 6:00am and may leave after the polls close and their duties are completed.
  5. Location
    The Village of Waunakee has two polling locations within the Village Center building located at 333 S. Madison St.
  6. Contact
    For questions or concerns about being an Election Worker please contact the Caitlin Stene, Village Clerk at or by phone at (608) 850-2827.
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