Fire Inspector

Waunakee Fire Inspector
In an effort to better preserve the health, safety and welfare of the citizens within the Waunakee Fire District, a fire prevention and inspection program has been in effect since 1988. The Waunakee Fire District currently employs 1 full-time Fire Inspector.

Brian Adler is the Waunakee Fire District Inspector and has held the position since 2001. Brian is also a Waunakee Firefighter. Brian holds certifications from the State of Wisconsin as Fire Fighter I, Driver/Operator-Pumper and Fire Inspector I.
Brian Adler, Fire Inspector
The Fire Inspector can be reached during normal business hours by calling the fire department at 608-849-5488, or sending an email.

  1. Perform regular fire inspections at facilities within the fire district to manage and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements
  2. Coordinate within the district various educational and community events aimed at fostering a safer, well-informed populous with respect to fire prevention
  3. Assist with day-to-day operations and management of the fire department, including administration of required NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) standards and testing