Cable Television Committee

  • Meets as needed
  • Waunakee Village Hall
    500 W Main Street
    Waunakee, WI 53597

The continuing regulatory jurisdiction of the village over the cable television system serving the village is exercised by the Cable Television Committee and by the Office of Broadband Telecommunications. The committee is responsible for:
  • Allocating funds, if necessary, to assist production and programming on the public access channel
  • Assuring that all tariffs, rates, and rules pertinent to the operation of the cable television system in the village are made available for inspection by the public
  • Assuring the general health of broadband telecommunications in the community
  • Conducting a market survey to determine the quality and quantity of service being provided
  • Monitoring and reviewing programming provided over the cable television system
  • Resolving disputes and disagreements between subscribers and the cable television grantee after investigation
The Cable Television Committee consists of 7 voting members. One Village Board trustee, four citizen representatives, 1 school district representative, and 1 Chamber of Commerce representative make up the voting body. The cable coordinator serves as an ex-officio, non-voting member on the committee.